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Uber - Crush

Company: Uber Technologies
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Brand: Uber
Ad Title: Crush
Business Category: Transportation
Media Outlets: Online Video
Country: Philippines
Region: Asia
Agency: unknown
Year: 2017
Target: Gays & Mainstream

Based on a series of real tweets made by a Twitter user named AJ Tabangay, this spot starts off with a young Filipino man in the back of an Uber as another rider joins him.

At first, the viewer cannot see who this person is. He types to friends, "In an uberPool with a longtime crush. I can't breathe!" The next posting: "Smells amazing! I might just hug this person."

Reversing his earlier request, he asks the driver, "Can you drop me off second? I'm not in a rush."

Then AJ posts, "Of all the times this could happen, there's no traffic. WHY?!"

Upon arrival, AJ starts to leave, but his crush touches him on the shoulder and suggests that he get out on his side, since that is the curb. AJ nearly swoons, and his crush smiles at him as they say goodbye.

The closing lines say, "Sometimes, it's more than just a ride. It's the moment you've been waiting for."


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