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Sweethearts - The 55th Valentine

Company: Necco/New England Confectionery Co.
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Brand: Sweethearts
Ad Title: The 55th Valentine
Business Category: Confectionery/Candy/Gum
Media Outlets: Online Video
Country: United States
Region: US National
Agency: Hill Holliday
Year: 2016
Target: Gays

This is a documentary-style interview with couple Jack and George, sitting on their living room couch, surrounded by photos and belongings. Two Texans in their 80s, they have been "sweethearts" for 55 years. They wed in 2015, shortly after the landmark Supreme Court decision legalized same-sex marriage. This year marks the first Valentine's Day they'll be able to celebrate as a legally married couple.

"If he's not there, I can't go to sleep. If he's not around, I don't know what to do," says Jack. George says, "I knew when I met Jack, he was what I was looking for, that I've been all of my life looking for. And if that's not love, I don't know what is."

Necco CEO Michael McGee told Adweek, "Our communities are becoming bigger and more connected. For a brand, that means traditional, one-sided communication is not enough. You have to find ways to help consumers participate with your brand and have your conversation become interactive."

"We spent the day with them in their home and got to know them," he said. "We just kind of rolled the camera and let them tell their story. When you see how they interact with each other—their strength, their genuineness, their commitment to each other—they are just so endearing."


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