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Alaska Airlines - From a Land Full of Open Spaces Come Open Minds

Company: Alaska Air Group
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Brand: Alaska Airlines
Ad Title: From a Land Full of Open Spaces Come Open Minds
Business Category: Airlines
Media Outlets: Print
Country: United States
Region: North America
Agency: Wongdoody
Year: 2003
Target: Gays

This appeared in the Gay and Lesbian Canada Vacation Planner 2003, published by Community Marketing, Inc.


Derek Williams , Douglas, Alaska
As a resident of Alaska, it warms my heart to see such an ad... but that's all it is... an ad. Alaska, as an overwhelmingly "Red state" has been anything but "open minded" to the GLBT community here. Passing legislation to ban gay marriage into the state constitution and more recently denying benefits to the partners of gay state employees. The Alaskan spirit may be strong within Alaska Airlines, but step outside the airport terminal and watch your step, cause there are many card carrying NRA redneck republicans that would sooner shoot you dead than allow another liberal gay person to walk amongst them. Peace to you all--



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