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Company: 7-Eleven
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Brand: 7-Eleven
Ad Title: Big Gulp
Business Category: Restaurants
Media Outlets: Television
Country: United States
Region: North America
Agency: GSD&M
Year: 2002
Target: Mainstream
Ad Spotter: Keith


Gay Vague

Theme Breakdown

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A man sits in a car guy sipping a cold drink, then puts it between his legs. Another fellow gets into the passenger seat and puts an even bigger cup of soda between his legs! The first guy eyes the other guy's lap, then looks down at his own smaller cup -- an obvious play on penis envy.

While the ad doesn't actually deal with homosexuality, it does deal with the related area of men's examination of each other's "genitals" and bears examination. This could easily have also been handled with a negative homophobic reaction but was not.


Keith , New Jersey
Iget a good laugh ever time i see it. Too bad the passenger doesn't offer him a sip from his straw!

Samantha , Portland, OR
Maybe the gayness is a "non-issue" in this ad because it isn't particularly gay. I would not even remotely assume these guys are queer seeing this ad.

James Weaver , Newport, CA
I cannot believe you think this is a gay ad. There is nothing to imply that it is a gay ad, and that the men in it are gay. In fact, it is far more likely that the men are your typical macho guys, and one is feeling bigger than the other in which ever way you want to look at it. Gays are their own worst enemy when they try to make everything into something about them.

Suki , Boston, MA
The penis envy thing seems a more straight thing to do, in my opinion.

Jacob , Dallas, TX
To anyon who believes this commercials shouldn't be here because it isn't specifically gay: THAT'S THE POINT. There have been too many ads that could have been amusing but turned ugly because they end with a homophobic punch line. Had one of the guys smacked the other and called him a queer, it would be on the negative side of the spectrum, wouldn't it? Instead we should be saying "Kudos, you could have ruined this commercial with homophobia, but instead you made a kick-ass everybody-friendly ad with a couple of straight guys chilling and looking at each others...uh...Big Gulps."

Jim , Desert Hot Springs, CA
I thought the Big Gulp is the type of ad needed more often because many gays see the connection to the penis, but most straights would only see the size of the drink. Therefore, the appeal is a positive one to both straights and gays.

Bill , Minneapolis, MN
This is a cute commercial, but I don't see anyting gay about it.

Sgrow , Deerfield, OH
It seems as if someone is a little paranoid about "gay." How do you get "gay" from that? It's big penis envy if you ask me and that's been around as long as gay men have been whether you want to believe it or not. Let people live the way they want to. Narrow minded people are the reasons people kill people for being gay or different. It would be a better world if we would worry about rape, murders and molestation, than about some commercials that might upset paranoid gay haters.

Andrew , Camas, WA
Now, it's just a penis size joke. Funny, but not really gay at all.



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