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Company: Farve Glede
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Brand: Farve Glede
Ad Title: Mary
Business Category: Home Decor
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Norway
Region: Europe
Agency: McCann
Year: 1999
Target: Mainstream
Ad Spotter: Catherine Benmaor


Same-Sex Affection

Same-Sex Couples/Families

Theme Breakdown

AdRespect Score: 
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A frustrated woman -- searching for the right relationship that lets her express herself with a particularly bright shade of yellow paint -- begins by saying, "In 1979, I moved in with John." He didn't like her paint choice or the little ceramic bird she pulled out, which he laughed at hysterically. "Oh well."

Next, in a New Wave apartment, she says, "And it must've been '85 when I moved in with Peter." He looks injured when she starts painting his otherwise black-and-white decor with her bright yellow. "Peter 'perfect.' "

Moving ahead to the '90s, she says, "But it was William that I married." He obviously was so unresponsive he didn't care what she did. "Three years... with William." She dumps her wedding ring into the paint can.

Finally, she settles down...with a woman and a new shade of paint. "And now, me and Mary. Mary and me."

The very gay-friendly tagline: "Change is the spice of life."

This commercial is remarkable in its apparent acceptance of a same-sex relationship as not only on par with opposite sex ones, but also as better for happiness. It almost seems to sell gayness better than paint.


Max , Antioch, CA
This trite little ad plays on the idea that lesbian women become lesbians because of bad experiences with men. Aside from that the depiction of men is stereotypical and harsh. A truly hackneyed commercial.

Nina , San Antonio, TX
I personally thought that the ad was cute.

Cameron , Oshawa, Canada
It incorporates something that straight and gay people both have a huge problem with: sometimes it takes a person a while to figure out why one can't quite 'express' oneself. There aren't really any bad experiences that she has other than wanting to shine brightly, and being with Mary finally lets her do that... I think it acknowledges the powerful life-brightening experience of coming out. The fact that it happens closer to middle age rather than in her teens or twenties highlights the fact that because of systemic and internalized homophobia, because gayness isn't publicly normalized, we sometimes spend a lot of time doing what is 'normal' (being straight) and not being able to put our finger on what doesn't feel quite right. I think there are many layers of wonderfulness to this ad.

DJ , Columbus, OH
I think that there are a lot of people who can relate to this ad. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out (or be open to) what will truly make you happy.



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