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Company: Deutsche Bahn AG
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Brand: Die Bahn
Ad Title: Umsteiger
Business Category: Transportation
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Germany
Region: Europe
Agency: unknown
Year: 2002
Target: Mainstream


Same-Sex Affection

GLBT Punchline (laughing with)

Straight Left Out

Theme Breakdown

AdRespect Score: 
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To the sound of waves and seagulls, a man and woman walk together with their arms around each other on a seashore boardwalk.

A man walking the other way suddenly catches the eye of the other man, who suddenly abandons the woman without a word or care and walks the other way with the fellow, holding hands with him. The woman is stunned and says nothing.

Narration says, "Over 96% of our trains get their connection trains. German State Railways giving you connections."

The implication is easy connections between switching/connecting of trains and sexualities. While the ad could be read as referring to bisexuality, the joke seems to be that straight people can simply switch to gay -- an inaccuracy -- if someone attractive comes along, and completely disregards the previous relationship.


Tom , Burbank, CA
I think this ad is not to be taken in the negative at all. It's quite the opposite. It's refreshing to see such casual interaction between people.
Ezra , Stuttgart
I don't see how this ad is negative. on the contrary, I think it's funny, light-hearted, and even positive in that it shows men who can find perhaps better qualities in men than in women.

Dieter , Munich
I find this commercial rather refreshing, since the fact that the man switches to the other man isn't such a big deal. It just says "Nobody really cares whether you're with a man or a woman, it's all fine." And THAT is positive.

Al , Austin, TX
I agree, I don't think this ad is negative at all. After all, the Sims ad where the guy decides "What the hell, I'll dance with the guy" is in the same category.

Steven Bradford , Seattle
I guess this is another example of the extreme over-sensitivity this easily offended web site exhibits.


Vielfalt erzeugt neue ldeen
Company: Deutsche Bahn AG
Brand: Deutsche Bank
Country: Germany
Region: Europe
Year: 2007


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