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Company: Ewe
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Brand: Ewe XL
Ad Title: Plumber
Business Category: Miscellaneous
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Austria
Region: Europe
Agency: Lowe Worldwide
Year: 1998
Target: Mainstream
Ad Spotter: Romain Greco


Coupled Cheater

Theme Breakdown

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A hunky plumber is attending to the pipes of a leaky kitchen sink, as the owner looms nearby.

The plumber notices the man, who says nothing but subtly makes advances through his foot movements and a touch on the plumber's shoulder.

With a sly smile toward the camera, the plumber stands up to follow. Moments later, the wife unexpectedly arrives home and walks in through the kitchen door. The plumber rushes back to the cabinet and is shoved in, along with his tool chest.

The narrator intones, "Luckily, all Ewe kitchens have more storage space now than other kitchens."

Shot in black-and-white, this creepy commercial takes a shadowy, old-fashioned look at homosexuality with a closeted, cheating husband. And the plumber, well, he's literally shoved back into the closet, er, cabinet.


Dwight Gaut , Seattle
This ad is neither creepy nor old-fashioned. The reviewer assumes the female is the wife, she could be the mother, sister or realtor. The ad is sly, cleverly framed, and does not use the Village People or other stereotypes. It's worthy of an "=" at least.

Michael Spencer , Seattle
It's the standard fantasy of the hunky plumber. What doesn't make sense is why the husband feels he needs to hide the plumber, who has a perfectly good reason to be in the house. He could just go back to fixing the sink (maybe with a big smile on his face?). But then they wouldn't get to promote the extra storage space, I suppose.

Ronald Sproul , Lindenwold, NJ
I loved it! I remember seeing this commercial on a show about commercials, and I thought it was so hot! I only wish that there were more commercials like this on TV today!

Erick , West Hollywood., CA
Hot! I liked it. It's a fantasy I've definitely thought about and I don't think it's negative. I too wonder why he has to be shoved under the sink but then...

Eric Bogs , London
This is a fun, gay-positive ad. The plumber and the bloke are having a fun little tryst, and there's nothing wrong with hiding it from the wife.

Abby , Wooster, OH
This ad is a take-off of a scene from the movie Bound...I'm not saying this fact makes it a positive ad, but maybe it explains it a little more?

Anthony , Spokane, WA
This ad was interesting! In addition, I actually kind of liked it. I've often wondered what it'd be like to have my own personal houseboy! The scene when the man of the house made his move and then followed the plumber to hide under the sink was hilarious especially since many divorces these days are because of husbands and wives discovering their "true directions." However, this ad emphasizes a pop stereotype: acquisition. I think when anybody, whether he or she is gay or not, begins treating friends and lovers as personal possessions, things get a smidge creepy. All and all, I give this ad an A for satire.



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