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Company: Mixwell
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Brand: Mixwell
Ad Title: Freedom
Business Category: Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Media Outlets: Television
Country: United States
Region: US National
Agency: in-house
Year: 2021
Target: Gays & Mainstream
Ad Spotter: Alfred Verhoeven


Age Diversity

Same-Sex Affection

Same-Sex Couples/Families

Theme Breakdown

AdRespect Score: 
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A macho guy unloads bales of hay from the back of his truck on a farm and asks, "Whatever happened to men? Manly men with strong hands and a firm grip. Men who like it when things get hard." The double entendres start to roll.

Then he adds, "Me and my husband totally agree." The husband shows up with a pink, fruity cocktail. "Thanks babe," says the first man and then they engage in a very long French kiss.

A chorus sings, "If real freedom offends you, please don't buy Mixwell."

The ad closes with a never-ending rocking of the truck with two men inside.


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