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Company: Equal Love campaign
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Brand: Equal Love campaign
Ad Title: Tomato Sauce vs. BBQ Sauce - Yes campaign Australia
Business Category: Nonprofit/NGO (gay)
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Australia
Region: Australia/New Zealand
Agency: unknown
Year: 2017
Target: Gays & Mainstream
Ad Spotter: Alfred Verhoeven


Consciousness Raising

Same-Sex Couples/Families

Theme Breakdown

AdRespect Score: 
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A family sits in the grassy backyard to celebrate a birthday and a meal of barbecue. Family members squirt generous helpings of dark brown BBQ sauce all over their grilled foods. Two young men at the table are invited to do the same.

"Actually," the son stands up and with great difficulty, says, "Mom, dad, I like tomato sauce." A long, awkward silence strikes the family as everyone looks on in disbelief. Then the dad starts to laugh nervously, "No, dad, I'm a tomato sauce man. Always have been."

Dad stands up to leave and go inside the house. After a few minutes of thought, he comes back out and dramatically hugs his son. Tears and kisses follow. Then triumphantly, the father who has now accepted his son's "choice" says, "I think we've got a party to get started!" The son then kisses his husband, and holds his hand, revealing they're both wearing wedding rings.

Text then reads, "A simple difference shouldn't be a big deal."

As a kicker, grandma starts to say, "In 1964, I tried tomato sauce with a married..." before she is interrupted.

This ad was able to help muster a landslide victory for marriage equality in Australia, the 25th country to recognize marriage equality, and the second to do so by popular vote. Weddings began January 9, 2018.


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