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Company: Globe Telecom
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Brand: Globe
Ad Title: What‘s Kilig?
Business Category: Telecommunications
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Philippines
Region: Asia
Agency: BBDO Worldwide
Year: 2016
Target: Gays & Mainstream


Same-Sex Couples/Families

Theme Breakdown

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A Filipino tourist named Lorenzo wanders through Bangkok to get Hiyahiya knitting needles for his aunt.

He enters a shop and finds a cute Caucasian guy with eyes for Lorenzo and helps him. Lorenzo loses himself and struggles to ask for what he needs: "Hi I'm Hiya? I'm looking for hiya hiya knitting needle. I love knitting. Yeah knitting's the best. Can't get enough of knitting. Yeah that's why I'm here! Knitting!"

"Well then, I'm your man," the shop attendant replies. Lorenzo accidentally broadcasts the conversation to his family, and lots of people shout in joy that he found the item. "So kilig" Lorenzo mutters.

"What's kilig?" asks the shop attendant. "Uh, happy?" says Lorenzo. "Well, I'm kilig to have met you," says the attendant. (The word actually means "romantic excitement" in Tagalog.)

The ad's director Judd Figuerres, who collaborated with BBDO Guerrero tells TEAM magazine in the Philippines, says, “The whole campaign is actually a three-part video series about the misadventures of a group of friends who travel together. Lorenzo is just one character in this story. My whole take on the LGBT advocacy was just to keep it normal. I didn’t want to make a spectacle out of it. Straight or gay, the main aim of the video is to make people kilig. I know that our brothers and sisters knows how to have fun. And it’s a fun ad. Being political, although very important, is tiring and it’s nice to take a break and get a good laugh or get a good amount of kilig from a simple one-minute ad.”


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