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Company: Nestlé
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Brand: Butterfinger Cups
Ad Title: Couples Therapy
Business Category: Packaged Foods
Media Outlets: Television
Country: United States
Region: US National
Agency: Dailey
Year: 2014
Target: Mainstream



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In a twist on the "your chocolate is in my peanut butter" story from the 1970s Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ads, this ad represents chocolate and peanut butter as a troubled couple seeing a marriage counselor.

The counselor begins, "So, tell me about your relationship." Wearing shirts that label each of the two flavors, the male (peanut butter" thinks things are well, saying "We're perfect together." The woman (chocolate) has another point of view. Mockingly, she says: "He says when something's good, why change it?"

Helpfully, the counselor offers with a wide smile, "What if you were to try something different?" Then, from behind his chair, a flashy man representing Butterfinger jumps up and squeezes in between the couple, to a squeal of delight from the woman. Seated in the middle, he gives her a shoulder massage, and the husband does the same to Mr. Butterfinger's shoulders.

The husband then says "Let's go the other way," as Mr. Butterfinger rejects the idea saying, "I'm good."

Nestle USA has never purchased a Super Bowl ad before. The new brand extension will hit stores in January, and Nestle says this is the biggest product launch in history of the candy bar, which was created in 1923 (bought by Nestle in 1990).


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