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Company: Sara Lee Corp.
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Brand: Hanes Beautymist
Ad Title: Joe Namath
Business Category: Personal Products
Media Outlets: Television
Country: United States
Region: North America
Agency: Mullen Lowe
Year: 1974
Target: Mainstream


Camp/Gay Drag

Theme Breakdown

AdRespect Score: 
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With a cymbol roll, the camera slowly pans up hosieried legs, then crosses green satin shorts and the No. 12 football jersey, revealing famous New York Jets team quarterback (1965-1972) Joe Namath.

Namath says with a slight Southern accent and a smile, "Now I don't wear panty hose, but if Beautymist can make MY legs looks good, imagine what they'll do for yours." As the spot closes, Namath gets a kiss on the cheek from a young woman -- so we're not confused about his sexuality.

This controversial ad was quite remarkable for 1974 and for a football player. It was received with mixed feelings by a public that revered him. Nonetheless, Namath went down in history for it, making him as well known for wearing panty hose as for his record-breaking stats.

"They came with ad storyboards to our office, and I got a laugh out of it," Namath told Newsweek in 1999. "When they get up to me, I'm wearing green shorts and a football jersey. We asked our secretary, 'What do you think?' She said, 'It's cute but my daddy wouldn't like it. He doesn't think football players should wear pantyhose.'

"So that started us thinking. We went out for about 10 days, trying to figure out if we'd offend someone. Finally I just said, 'Let's go with our gut feeling. It's humor. I can handle the heat.' And it was a lot of fun, though when I looked at it, my stomach turned. I didn't like anything about the way I looked.

"And some old-timers were perplexed. This guy in Alabama came up to me and said, 'You know, Joe Willy, I don't mind you wearing those there pantyhose like that, but Lord, son, did you really shave your legs?"


Susan Fields , Annandale
Actually, I think that this is a bit better than a "neutral" rating. It shows a much heterosexual/macho man wearing pantyhose, with no negative overtones.

Dane , Hayward, CA
I wear pantyhose almost every day, I have for years. I see nothing wrong with a man wearing them if he chooses. And I am not gay nor am I a transvestite. It seems we have a society who thinks it's cute for women to wear men's garments but if a man so much as wears a woman's sock, 'oh my god he is a freak!' There is definitely something wrong with that picture.

Max , Antioch, CA
I agree with Dane from Hayward, California.

San , New Haven, CT
All guys should wear pantyhose, but tan color. Guys are entitled to have nice looking legs! Also, it should be part of lifestyle all around the world.

Patricia Kuttler , Durango, CO
This is the best commercial for its time.

Ken , Redondo Beach, CA
Only Joe Namath could get away with doing an ad on pantyhose and still be considered the ultimate ladies man, which of course he was. I also remember my mom, who loved Joe, going out and buying three or four packages of the pantyhose in response to the ad!

Dave , East Lansing, MI
I am a heterosexual man and I wear pantyhose almost daily. I also see nothing wrong with men wearing them, and I think it's very unfair that our society considers it all right for women to dress in men's clothes but it's so terrible for a man to even want to wear women's clothes. It does bother me that you at Commercial Closet made the comment about Joe Namath getting a kiss from a young woman: "so we're not confused about his sexuality." Why should there be any doubt about his sexuality? Just because he was a male wearing pantyhose? Why should there be anything wrong with any guy doing that? Doing so does not make a man gay or bisexual, nor does it mean that a man is. My only regret about this commercial is that as old as it is and as long ago as it was made, it did not lead to a line of pantyhose for men or make pantyhose-wearing by men mainstream. You would think the pantyhose companies would realize that if we men were to be able to wear them too, that they would then sell double the amount of pantyhose!

Maurizio , Miami
I am not gay, but I always like to wear pantyhose. My legs feel better and I like the touch on my legs. I really would like that we men could wear pantyhose without any look or comment from others. Gay people can come out of the closet and is ok. Now in many state they can also get married. We straight man that like pantyhose are not considered ok. If we wear them we are pointed as gay. I consider that a big abuse. Meanwhile I will keep wearing my pantyhose under my suits.

James Black , Murphysboro, IL
I love wearing pantyhose myself. I am a man. I think it's wrong for people to judge me for what I wear! What about these men who wear earrings with pierced ears? Nobody thinks they are gay. It's a fashion statement they say, but wasn't it women who started that too? I think we should be able to wear on our own private bodies what we want. And if it comes down to it let's have a vote and see how many of us vote for men to wear whatever they please and make it a crime to laugh, even when we wear them with shorts and sandals!

John Namath , Dallas, TX
I feel that men should be able to wear pantyhose without being labeled a transvestite, cross dresser or homosexual. I, for one, love the feel of quality pantyhose.

Debbie , Dothan, AL
Joe Namath could wear a bag over his head & still look good!!


Company: Sara Lee Corp.
Brand: Ballpark Franks
Country: United States
Region: North America
Year: 2001

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