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Company: Campaign for Military Service
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Brand: Campaign for Military Service
Ad Title: West
Business Category: National Politics
Media Outlets: Television
Country: United States
Region: North America
Agency: Doak Shrum Harris Carrier Divine
Year: 1993
Target: Mainstream


Real GLBT Person

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Soldier Joe Zuniga is the star of this ad created to address the issue of gays in the military. It lists his numerous accomplishments in the Gulf War, including winning the Bronze Star, the Kuwait Liberation Medal and others, then at the end announces he's a "soldier, patriot, gay American."

The Campaign for Military Service was a group quickly organized to create this TV spot, the first nationally broadcast gay-issues ad. Ultimately the group didn't meet its funding goals. With about $1 million, it was able to play the ad on cable network TV (CNN) just a few times and so "West" was seen by few people.


Don Caswell , New York City
Very potent and affecting clip. And so true. I wish more Americans of every stripe could see it and be affected.

Kit , Montreal
Even if not that many saw the commercial, enough did and were moved and motivated enough to raise $1 millon. That's pretty good for an ad that only aired a few times.

Laura Moddy , Fort Mill, SC
Absolutely beautiful, extremely touching. I hope it got a few people thinking.

Darus Walls , Milwaukee
I think all gays should simply quit the armed forces. I think the US is so big headed that they somehow think they'll actually be able to defend this country without us. Government would have quite a rude awakening once they saw the numbers they were left with, without "us." Then they be begging gays to re-inlist to keep the standard of living we have. Funny; those that want to keep those standards are the ones making the decisions as to who goes to war and they have the nerve to be fickle about who's on the battle field (and they're not)!

Erik , Long Beach, CA
What a great commercial! I only wish every American had seen it.

Max , Phoenix
Being a gay soldier myself, this strikes a chord with me. I only wish more had seen it and realized that you don't have to be straight to care about the country.

SGT Will H. , Ft. Knox, KY
Obviously, Mr. Darus Walls of Milwaukee is not a gay soldier, or else he wouldn't say such hogwash. We're here because we want to serve, not because we want to change policy. Of course, that'd be nice.

Roxy , Mars Hill, NC
This is ad is very motivating and it's a shame more people couldn't see and consider it.

Ken Farraro , Lafayette, LA
As a former Marine who served during Lebanon and Grenada, this is an awesome tribute to all gays and lesbians serving in all our military branches. This commercial should be on the air now to show that gays and lesbians are worthy to serve and protect or nation. Semper Fi soldier!

Travis , Odenton, MD
The ad was okay but it had quite a few errors. Whoever wrote it didn't have the slightest idea about the military. The highest award a medic can receive is the Congressional Medal of Honor, just like every other medic or corpsman or any service member. Many corpsmen and medics have won the award. A little research would have made this a more honest commercial.



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