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Company: ABS CBN
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Brand: Sweetalk
Ad Title: John Lapus On Sweetalk
Business Category: Telecommunications
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Philippines
Region: Asia
Agency: BBDO Worldwide
Year: 2003
Target: Mainstream


Camp/Gay Drag

GLBT Inclusion

Theme Breakdown

AdRespect Score: 
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A group of women is sitting at the bank of a river talking. It becomes apparent that the one sitting in the center is transgender. The women react to what she's saying with a symphony of squeals.

A woman and a drag queen with pink hair are sitting on a bed. They look towards the camera. A mobile phone appears on the screen and rotates. There is text on the phone's screen that reads: "Chat with stars. Hottest showbiz news. Download fave star's images & tones."

A drag queen in a nightclub wearing an asymmetrically cut dress turns to the camera. She turns and poses. The same drag queen, clad in schoolgirl garb, is singing and dancing with young people. The screen reads "Sweetalk."

The final shot is another incarnation of the same character.

The ad earns an "Equal" rating because, while it's use of transgender people is meant to be humorous, the mood is mostly campy.


Nena , Niceville, FL
I am from the country where this ad was made. It is disgusting -- no matter how "funny" the effect is -- but "tolerated" as you can see here.



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