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Company: Siemens Corp.
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Brand: Siemens C35 mobile
Ad Title: Astrology
Business Category: Telecommunications
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Germany
Region: Europe
Agency: JWT
Year: 2000
Target: Mainstream
Ad Spotter: Domenico Alasia


Same-Sex Affection

Same-Sex Couples/Families

Male-Fantasy Lesbian

Theme Breakdown

AdRespect Score: 
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A young woman arrives alone to a packed dance club. As she enters the dance floor, a scantily dressed woman longingly looks at her, and a moment later a muscular guy grabs her and begins dancing close.

They dance erotically, and she grabs her breasts as they look deep into each others' eyes. She notices a necklace he's wearing that appears to be the astrological symbol of Gemini, the twins, and pulls out her mobile phone. While still sexily dancing with him, she smoothly goes to an astrology web site to test her compatibility with the guy and it says they're a "perfect match." She also notices the first woman smiling from over his shoulder.

A narrator says, "You know there's a sexy way to connect to the web. But whatever you do with the new Siemens C35, be inspired.

At that moment, another more boyish guy who is apparently with the first one shows up and it becomes clear that the necklace implied he was gay instead of a Gemini.

But no matter, because she turns her head and there is the woman whom she keeps catching eyes with. The last shot is of a sly smile on her face as she looks to the woman and nods her head.

The tagline: "Be inspired."

Amazingly, as a lipstick lesbian and gay man both play it straight for a moment, it turns out that everyone is gay. No one is left unhappy at the end as both have partners. One of the most gay-positive commercials from Europe.


Balazs , Budapest, Hungary
They've done a revised version of this ad which is not gay at all. The boyfriend never shows up and the girls look at each other "happy about the catch." I find this quite disappointing. :(

Patrick , Maastricht, The Netherlands
I don't think the girls are lesbians, but competetive friends. When the boy turns out to be gay, the girls look at each other as to say: "sometimes you win, sometimes you lose."

Silver , Munich, Germany
The version that I got to see on TV was cut in a way that it completely took out the gay subtext! In the version that I saw, there's no other girl and the guy who comes in looks like the first guy's brother rather than his lover. So, in the end, the girl's smirk is explained as "Get two for the price of one" and his pendant didn't imply Gemini, or gay, but rather twin. Quite disappointing how they mutilated a perfectly good spot!

Carlos , Madrid, Spain
I do believe we are supposed to think they are twins or at least siblings, that makes more obvious the confusion with the horoscope and the extrange look in her face, like triumph as there is a boy for both of them girls.

Ray Foster , San Juan Capistrano, CA
I've seen a few similar ads and something about them bothers me. I think the message comes across that being gay means swinging any direction at any time on a whim. That may appeal to young straight people just for the "danger" implied, but it's fundamentally untrue in the real world of gay human rights where the battle over whether we "choose" to be gay or whether we're just playing around and doing whatever feels good with whomever is available is the reality. If straight people/advertisers think this is what "gay" is then we've made no advance whatsoever in terms of the world understanding the real impact of sexual orientation.

Joseph , Chicago
Great ad and the boyfriend who walks up is just pure sex!

Holli , Columbia, MO
Everyone seems to be assuming the characters must be either gay or straight. It seems to me that the two main players are bisexual, and the girl finds the guy personally more attractive than the other girl, so goes to him first. When it becomes obvious to her that he is taken, she moves on to opportunity number two--the other girl. Although, now that I've read Carlos' comments, I think his idea might be just as valid. And for Ray, you should know that in the real world, there really are people who swing both ways, like it or not! Just like you are gay, whether straight people like it or not!

Ricky , Harlingen, TX
Well I don't know about anyone else who's seen it, but it seems really kind of twisted. The guy's obviously bi and probably would have cheated on his boyfriend if he hadn't come up. I definitely wouldn't be letting a strange pretty girl wrap her arms around me and grab her waist, and running her hands through my hair all sexually. The other girl was a lesbian, who wanted the girl, but was snubbed as she walked by and ignored the lesbian. When the lesbian saw the gay boyfriend of the bisexual come over and protect his prize, the girl looked all disappointed, and the lesbian laughed at her. All in all, this message is NOT positive at all - the man was bisexual [unlike his boyfriend] and would have done something if his boyfriend wasn't there, and the lesbian was snubbed and ignored by the straight girl. I'm pretty offended by this one.

Adam , Pensacola, FL
I think this ad has more to do with bisexuality than with being gay or straight.

Bill M. , Tucson, AZ
I see no mention of bisexuality here. The ad can be more clearly described as the first guy with the Gemini necklace, and the women he's dancing with, are both bisexual. "It turns out that everyone is gay," or bisexual.



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