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Company: YES DBS TV Satellite Services Ltd.
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Brand: Yes
Ad Title: Romeo, Juliet and ?
Business Category: Media Outlets: Broadcasters-Publishers-Online-Games-Music
Media Outlets: Television
Country: Israel
Region: Middle East
Agency: McCann
Year: 2003
Target: Mainstream


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In a twist on the Romeo and Juliet fairytale romance, Juliet is in the garden at night and tells her friend, "I shall wake my beloved Romeo with a thousand little kisses," as she climbs up to his window from below.

"Be carfeul my dear Juliet!" her friend says.

She sneaks into his room through the window, and quietly calls his name as she approaches his large poster bed, covered in curtains. She pulls back the curtains to find that Romeo is in bed, playfully tickling another young man under the covers. Juliet's face falls in horror as she exclaims, "Oh Romeo!"

The two young male lovers look surprised at her entrance as she changes her mind suddenly and says, "Ooo, I'm beginning to like this movie!"

She suddenly sees the two of them as an opportunity rather than a loss. Then she's in bed between them as the announcer asks double-entendre questions about the brand, "Do you think nothing could surprise you anymore? Are you looking for new experiences? Much more exciting and daring?") In bed, the three shout "Yes! Yes! Yes!" (Which simultaneously are the brand's name, the question answers, and the sound of having an orgasm.)

In the end, it appears to be a win-win-win, as they say in the business world, and a menage-a-trois.


Bobby , Dallas, TX
I love it! Two men and a woman is much more refreshing than the old fantasy of two women and one man. I also think this is breaking some new ground, that is, showing two men in bed tickling each other, how nice!

Ella , Van Nuys, CA
This was absolutely hilarious, not to mention, I'd do the same thing! More support for good opportunities! = )



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