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Company: Saturday Night Live/Broadway Video
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Brand: Schmitt's Beer parody
Ad Title: Schmitt's Beer parody
Business Category: Alcoholic Beverages
Media Outlets: Television
Country: United States
Region: North America
Agency: Saturday Night Live
Year: 1991
Target: Mainstream


Same-Sex Affection

Stereotype Twist

Theme Breakdown

AdRespect Score: 
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This precocious "Saturday Night Live" parody is remarkable because it broke through very early before most real gay-themed advertising.

Starring Chris Farley and Adam Sandler, the ad is funny because it uses all the standard, sexist images of beer ads and turns them onto their ear by using men as the objects of lust.

The guys, who are watching a house for friends, discover a magic pool in the back that becomes a party when the water is turned on. Sandler and Farley are suddenly surrounded by tons of hunky men, with whom they frolic in the pool. They even aim a video camera at a guy's crotch.

Ironically, not long after, numerous brewers have turned to gay themes for their real ads.


EHursh , Urbana, Ill.
I thought the Schmitt's Beer ad was
screamingly funny - partly because it
*does* turn the standard images of beer ads on their ear, and partly because I'd recently seen some home movies taken by a gay cousin... had all the same kinds of butt-and-crotch closeups that the
parody ad had.

John , Antioch, CA
This ad parody depicts gay men as being stereotypical party animals. Once again SNL, or Snail as I call it, has offended me. I'm not feeling this ad or anything Snail does.

Herman Puller , Atlanta
What a funny ad. It really captures the gay lifestyle and the "grab ass" sexual promiscuity of that community.

Cim , Warner Robins, GA
Personally, I don't understand the beef some of the people commenting have with the commercial. The joke isn't necessarily supposed to be about gay men being promiscuous party animals, it's just taking the standard "hetero frat boy surrounded by scantly-clad babes" beer commercial and turning it upside-down. And amusingly so, too.

Doug , Charlotte, NC
I thought this ad was simply hilarious. It played beautifully off of the standard 'T & A' stereotypes in most mainstream beer ads.

Joe , Whitman, MA
Too Funny! This parody gives the "T*** sell beer" philosophy an appropriate pie in the face. It didn't stop beer companies from using sex to sell beer, but it made us all laugh at the efforts and treat them with the appropriate cynicism they deserve.

Darus , Milwaukee, WI
Any beer company's marketing department that thinks this should not go into their beer commercial hall of fame is just dumb.


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