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Betty Crocker - The Families Project

Company: General Mills
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Brand: Betty Crocker
Ad Title: The Families Project
Business Category: Packaged Foods
Media Outlets: Television
Country: United States
Region: US National
Year: 2014
Target: Gays & Mainstream

This web-only video gives a series of facts and charts to challenge old-fashioned thinking.

"Marriage and family have changed more in the last 35 years than in the last 350. Less than half of all households in the US include a husband and wife. The number of same-sex couples living together has increased by 80% since 2000.* Since 1965, the time dads spend with their kids has tripled. Today, 40% of women are the primary providers for their families. The percentage of new interracial marriages is six times what it was in 1960.

But one thing remains the same. At the heart of every home is a family. And at the heart of every family there's a homemaker. Though they might not call themselves one. But being a homemaker isn't about what you call yourself. It's about what you do. A homemaker is a person who makes a house into a home.

And every family makes home in its own way. With its own set of strengths. (An animated series of picture frames floats by with various styles of families and individuals.)

It's simple. Where there's love, there's a family. And where there's a family, there's a home." #familiesproject bettycrocker.com/familiesproject

"Betty has always been a pioneer and guide for homemakers. As today's family continues to evolve, so does Betty," Perteet Spencer, marketing manager for Betty Crocker, said in a statement. "Our purpose is to help make a home. Better understanding of those cultural dynamics will help us provide the best products and services to meet current and future needs of families everywhere."

In an interview with Advertising Age, Spencer said, "Naysayers are always there, but generally the response has been really positive." Asked if the character was evolving into an activist for gay rights, she said, "if Betty is an activist at all, Betty would be an activist for the modern homemaker."

The project includes video profiles of four-modern day families, including a married female couple raising a 13-year-old boy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvt39xrCZS4

*Reference: http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Same-sex-households-up-80-in-decade-census-finds-2303996.php


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