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Sci-Fi Channel - Nightclub

Company: NBCUniversal
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Brand: Sci-Fi Channel
Ad Title: Nightclub
Business Category: Telecommunications
Media Outlets: Television
Country: United States
Region: North America
Agency: unknown
Year: 2005
Target: Mainstream
Ad Spotter: Drew Hunt

In a rainstorm, two poorly dressed men walk through a seedy neighborhood, up an alley to a club guarded by two very large Russian bouncers.

In thick monotone accents, the Russians tell them, "Gentlemen must be escorted by a lady." Trying to get into the club, they reply, "It's not even 10 o'clock, we come here all the time," but the stone-faced bouncer repeats, "Gentlemen must be escorted by a lady."

One guy turns to the other and huffs "Oh, come on." Now clear on what he must do, the other sighs, removes his jacket, and ties his shirt tails around his belly. His friend says, "I don't think that is gonna cut it."

The man then grabs his belly fat and smooshes it up, forming breasts. The doorman, watch with a slight grimace.

Not stopping there, and with confidence, he then continues by crushing his rib cage to give him an hourglass figure, and pulls his hair out (which stretches, but looks like it should hurt). He then flips the hair back and is now wearing lipstick, though still with a masculine face.

The Russian bouncer approves with a smile, and opens the door for them. "Shall we?" asks the feminized friend and they stride in.

While this transition from male to female is supernatural, the doormen's acceptance at the end shows support.


Perrin , Vallejo, CA
I'll admit that the reason I liked this ad is because I certainly wish that I could do that myself. Still, I think that it would have vastly improved the ad if the guys could have played some little choosing game ("odds/evens") with the winner getting to become the lady, not to mention given the company an opportunity to essentially shoot two ads for the price of one (with the other guy winning and changing).

anonymous , Parkesburg, WV
Well this is a commercial for the Sci-Fi channel which explains the superhuman transformation and suggests that it's a legitimate way to get into the club. Remember the Sci-Fi channel has all sorts of odd commercials.

Jeff , Pasadena, CA
I don't think this is a gay commercial at all, but kind of creepy in a great Sci-Fi way. I don't think we need to worry about this one hurting our image.

Bobby , Miami
Oh come on, it's not negative. Every chic bar has a velvet rope policy. People can be denied entrance for all kinds of reasons. Visit me in South Beach and you'll see how sometimes having a beautiful woman by your side can actually help you enter a bar. That place was obviously a straight bar, those joints need women to attract more straight men. And straight men need to be where the women are. As a gay man, that ad offends me in no way. It's funny.

Vance Blankenbaker , Arlington, VA
The bouncer's approval at the end troubled me. Is the ad suggesting that Russian women are too masculine looking? After all, the transgender-- or drag-- isn't done that well when we glimpse the transformed man's face. It's clear she's still a he-- an error that any transgendered or person in drag is sure not to make.

Yves Moralex , San Francisco, CA
Adapting ourselves to break rules. I like the empowering act of overcoming social discrimination in this ad, especially since it is a common Sci-Fi theme.



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