Jack says that he thinks the team respects him -- as images play of him being chased and towel-snapped in the locker room.

Asked about changes he would make to the team, as a crew of swishy male cheerleaders (some overweight and wearing party hats) assembles behind him, practicing with the cheers, "shimmy, hips, shimmy, hips" -- Jack turns and grimly says "yes."
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Company: Jack in the Box
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Brand: Jack in the Box
Ad Title: Carnivores
Business Category: Restaurants
Media Outlets: Television
Country: United States
Region: North America
Agency: Kowloon Wholesafe Seafood Co.
Year: 2001
Target: Mainstream
Ad Spotter: Nick Stadler


Camp/Gay Drag


Walking Fine Line/Mixed Reception

GLBT Punch Line

Theme Breakdown

AdRespect Score: 
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In a play on a sports report, Jack in the Box's mascot appears as "Jack Box," owner of the XFL (a short-lived football league) team the Carnivores.

Jack says that he thinks the team respects him -- as images play of him being chased and towel-snapped in the locker room.

Asked about changes he would make to the team, as a crew of swishy male cheerleaders (some overweight and wearing party hats) assembles behind him, practicing with the cheers, "shimmy, hips, shimmy, hips" -- Jack turns and grimly says "yes."


Richard Phillips , Hollywood, CA
C'mon....McDonald's, Jack-In-The-Box and their like are NOT at all popular with any self-respecting Gay Man or Lesbian Woman...so I'm truly not surprised at such an ad. Face it, fast "food" joints are the lowest common denominator for people who just can't afford REAL, WHOLESOME and HONEST to GOODNESS FOOD! Can we say "family-friendly?"

Sterling Crowe , Phoenix
It is not asking about changes he will make to the team at the end, but changes he HAS made from regular football. The context of the commercial is not one of Jack
inheriting an XFL team and planning on making changes to it, e.g. removing the male cheerleaders some previous 'Carnivores' owner had had and replacing them with
females. Rather, Jack has created a new team and the changes they are asking about are the changes from NFL practices. Jack is depicted as playing 'homoerotic' locker room games with his players and the fact that Jack has chosen to replace traditionally female cheerleaders with something he apparently prefers: men. Jack is not depicted as disapproving of the 'swishy' cheerleaders (and, seriously, if gays are so offended by the 'swishy' image, why do so many adopt that image in pride events? Face it, the image exists because it is perpetrated by some gays. Depicting that fact is no more offensive than depicting the fact that some people like hamburgers), but as having made the change himself. Far from being offensive, this commercial represents Jack coming out.

Billy Bays , Cincinnati, OH
I find Mr. Phillips comments terribly offensive. First of all, he is perpetuating the image that gays are all rich snobs. Secondly, I wonder why, if gays hate fast food restaraunts so much, is there a HUGE gay population in the management ranks of McDonald's Corporation. Come on, do only those who cannot afford "real" food eat junk food? Please. His comments have nothing to do with the commercial, which I agree encourages the stereotypical swishy image.

Jon George , Springfield
It seems that some are under the impression that Jack is gay and that Jack in the Box is perpetuating some sort of 'swishy' image with male cheerleaders. Ugh, how about the cheerleaders were horrible and the costumes were hideous? What does that have to do with coming out or being anti-gay? Read into to anything you want and please, voice your opinion. But have enough common sense to realize when you are so blatantly off base. I am fully aware that that is a baseball metaphor.

David Levens , Sacramento, CA
The ads never mention anything about the XFL, just pro football. That could mean any professional league from the NFL to European pub leagues. Further, there is no gay bashing going on here. Those outfits are hideous! Who would want to watch that on the sidelines...male, female, animal or vegetable? Not to mention that most of the squad were clearly not in top shape. Not everything has an underlying message. I'm surprised you weren't more upset about the towel snapping. You know, Troy McClure was one of the first celebrities to speak out against horesplay and he had an extreme sexual fetish.

Becca , Pittsfield, MA
I just have to say to Richard Phillips to speak for himself. Yes, Jack in the Box is gross. But why include McDonald's? Everyone always includes us. I'm bisexual, and I work at McDonald's. One of our managers is gay. My best fried (who is gay) works there, as does my ex-girlfriend. And when some customer comes in calling us all faggots and lesbians (we consider ourselves the gay McDonald's) we all rise to defend each other. So leave us out, instead of blaming us for the mistakes of every fast food chain.

Kurt , Silver Spring, MD
Perhaps he was saying that overweight ugly guys are nasty. Maybe he'd rather see Filipino guys between the ages of 19 and 25? I know I would.

Todd Hill , Montreal
Dumb, dumb, just plain dumb. No matter what the intent or script particulars of the dialogue are, this is just another "Let's make fun of the fags" ad, as executed by the Cheaplaffs Advertising Agency. We all know the "creative" types who work in those agencies: dead white straight back-slapping males who think they're just -SO- cool... (yawn) zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Bob , Mountain View, CA
Jack obviously doesn't enjoy the homoerotic horseplay, judging by the uncharacteristic frown he's wearing.

Mac , Alamo, CA
Who suggested anything about homosexuality [i]at all[/i] in this ad, let alone poking fun? Quit trying to read some underlying message against homosexuals where there clearly isn't one! I think "Jack" ads are flippin' funny and wish I could find more on the Internet!

Scott Olson , Calgary, AB, Canada
I'm sorry .. but I found this ad hillarious! C'mon, people .. let down the hackles. The cheerleaders were horrible to watch, and that's why it was a funny ending.

Terrence , Alberta, Canada
This is a very amusing ad. The silly male cheerleaders may be considered stereotypical, but they are not seriously maligned. The changes he may be considering, in addition to the obvious possibility of replacing the male cheerleaders with female ones, might be to select more fit and capable male cheerleaders or, at the very least, to change the costumes. This example is more camp than controversial. The male cheerleaders are presented more like clowns than seriously representing gay men. When asked if there are "any more changes," he is not grim or rude. I watched it several times and laughed each time. If these male cheerleaders were attractive gymnasts performing complicated choreography while wearing simple athletic uniforms, instead of the amateurish, silly costumed clowns, one would only be impressed, even a little surprised, at the all male cheer team. There would be no humor. While this ad may imply that some gay men are silly and frilly. I think that, in this case, we can freely join in the laughter. Wherever I saw them, on football field or in a gay parade, I'd laugh at these guys. They simply cannot be taken seriously.

Alex , Atlanta, GA
Honestly - just because he doesn't want a ton of flab doing the cheering... have you ever seen a seriously overweight female cheerleader? They're supposed to be eye candy, not make you think "Put your shirt back on!". So yes, it's funny that a football team would have a bunch of overweight guys as cheerleaders to begin with. Who knows, maybe Jack was thinking that what the team really needs is a bunch of Australian-life-guard guys to cheer the team on.

JoAndra , Altadena, CA
What does one's sexuality have to do with selling hamburgers? Nothing. Stick to the product.

Marty , New York, NY
This ad should not be misunderstood as negative. The idea is that change is possible and good. The homoerotic locker scene gives a clear understanding that Jack is a true friend of Dorothy. The cheerleaders are not meant as a slant or insult but something that Jack is doing to change the norm. Jack coming out in this is a good and positive thing.


Jack Raps
Company: Jack in the Box
Brand: Jack in the Box
Country: United States
Region: North America, US Regional
Year: 1999

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Company: Jack in the Box
Brand: Jack in the Box
Country: United States
Region: North America
Year: 2003

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